A weaver of patterns is how I would describe myself. I am drawn to the ever changing forms conveyed in the viewer's mind by the interplay between shapes and colours on the canvas. My work explores the manifold ways in which patterns can be wrought into larger compositions, where they interact with each other in both ordered and unpredictably complex fashions.

Born in France, I was classically trained in the sensibilities of China ink and pastel under Bernard Chave, who impressed upon me about the virtues of craftsmanship and artistic curiosity. With naturalistic painting as a foundation, I began exploring the relationships between the various levels of abstraction inherent to a picture, and in particular the interaction between colour and texture. I found in the study of patterns the means to interrogate the tension between concreteness and abstractness in their struggle to arouse the viewer and compete for his or her attention.

I work with an eclectic palette of mediums, from oil and acrylics to photography and computer graphics, often combining them together in an iterative manner (an initial drawing may be scanned, reworked on the computer before being printed, the print can then be painted on and scanned again, the cycle repeats). The compositions evolve organically around an initial concept as the patterns are weaved together, sometimes by design and sometimes by accident. Their interactions on the canvas in turn open up new avenues for exploration. In that respect, there is a sense of guiding the patterns along, rather than arranging them in a strict and authoritative manner, a conversation between the canvas and the artist.